Sales & Equipment

Air / Water & Vacuum Duro, J. E. Adams, ECO Air Products, Excel
Automated Fuel Management Systems OPW FMS / Petro Vend
Cash Control Systems Tidel
Chargepoint Coulomb Technologies, Electric vehicle chargers
Commercial & Consumer Pumps Wayne, Tuthill Corporation, Gasboy, PMC
Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) Blue1USA, Tuthill, Balcrank, Kleer Blue
Digital Surveillance (DVR’s) I3DVR, Gulfcoast
Electric Control Systems / Conditioners Square D, Surge Suppression Inc., Carolina Products
Filters Petro Clear, CimTek
Hose Goodyear / Contitech, Vapor Systems Technologies (VST)
Intercom Systems Talk-A-Phone, 3M / RDM
Island Forms Formex, Morgan, PEMCO, Universal Valve, OPW
Lighting / Signs LSI, Whiteway, Pro-Lite, CREE, Sloan
Manholes OPW, PEMCO, Ramco, Universal, Fairfield Industries, EMCO-Wheaton
Meters Liquid Controls, Fill Rite
Nozzles, Swivels, & Breakaways OPW, Husky, Catlow
Oil / Water Separators Highland Tank, Containment Solutions, PSI, Aqua-Clean
Piping NOV FIber Glass Systems (Smith & Ameron), APT / UPP, OPW Flexworks, OmegaFlex
Point of Sale (POS) & Consoles VeriFone, Triangle MicroSystems, American Pump Controls
Retail Pumps / Dispensers Wayne Fueling Systems
Stainless Steel Flexible Connectors Hosemaster, OPW, Unisource, Flexing, OmegaFlex
Submerged Pumps / Leak Detectors Red Jacket, F. E. Petro & Vaporless
Sumps OPW FMS / Petro Vend, APT, Fiberlite, Petroleum Containment
Tank Gauges & Tank Monitor Systems Veeder-Root, OPW FMS / Petro Vend,
Morrison, Moorman Bros., Hersey, Pneumercator, Centeron
Tanks Turner Tanks, Containment Solutions, Xerxes, LubeCube / Hoover, Western International / Transcube
Utility Pumps Tuthill / Fill-Rite
Valves & Fittings Morrison, OPW, Universal, EBW, Bravo, EMCO-Wheaton
Air Pumps, Reels Balcrank, Graco
Tanks Turner Tank, Roth
AC & DC Oil Pumps Fill-Rite, Dismas, Graco
Drum Handling Equipment Modern Equipment
Above & Below Ground Lifts Rotary Lifts, Globe
Centrifugal & Gear Pumps Gorman Rupp, Ranger
Air Compressors Saylor Beall, Champion, Ingersoll Rand
Hose Reels Hannay, Reelcraft
Generator Sets and Filtration Gillette, Simplex, RCI, Kaydon